Pricing Information

Guest Dragonfly Rules

  1. Couple Male + Female:
    Membership not required.
  2. Couple Female + Female:
    Membership not required.
  3. Couple Male + Male:
    At least 1 guest must be a member.
  4. Single Female:
    Membership not required
  5. Single Male:
    Must be a Naturist Vacation Club member


Yearly Memberships (only available in person at the office)

  • Gold Card Male 30,000 baht
  • Gold Card Female 10,000 baht
  • Silver Card Female Only 5,000 baht
    Members continuing their Gold or Silver membership (before their expiration date) can do so at their original membership price.


Day Visitor Member Fees

  • Gold Card Member 200 baht
  • Silver Card Member 300 baht
  • Member’s Guest (1 max) 400 baht


Day Visitor Non-Member Fees

  • Male 1,000 baht
  • Female 500 baht


Day Visitor Hours (Single male must be Member)

  • Members 09:00-21:00
  • Non-Members 09:00-18:00


Room Discounts

  • Members of Naturist Vacation Club

  • Members of the American Association for Nude Recreation