January 2022 Pricing Information

Day Visitor Member Fees
Gold Card Member 200 baht
Silver Card Member 300 baht
Member’s Guest (1 max) 400 baht

Day Visitor Non-Member Fees
Male 800 baht
Female 400 baht

Day Visitor Hours
Members 09:00-21:00
Non-Members 09:00-18:00

Members of the American Association for Nude Recreation AANR

For Thai residents – Single males or couples that are male and are renting a room, one person must be a Member of Dragonfly.

Yearly Dragonfly Memberships
Gold Card Member 15,000 baht
Gold Card Male Member 7,500 baht
Silver Card Female Member 3,500 baht

Members continuing their Gold or Silver membership (before their expiration date) can do at the original price of their membership.